BIG AL’s unit releases are in multiples of 2 with 8 being the highest rated play. Very rarely we’ll have a special 10 unit release.

It is imperative that members follow each release accurately in order to have a successful program.  We recommend that if you’re new to sports investing that you establish a unit value of $10. Therefore a release of 4U -110 (4 units) would mean you will wager $44 to win $40.  We also recommend that your initial bank roll should be 100 times your unit value. Therefore you should establish an account with $1,000 in order to play $10 per unit.  These are recommendations in order to have a successful program.

Sign up for an ANNUAL plan and qualify for the BIG AL guarantee!.  If you do not show a profit after your 1 year term, your membership will be extended.

We are very confident you will enjoy a profitable year if you play all releases and are disciplined with the unit management system. The key to the system is money management through the rating system. You set what a unit is worth for you and what you’re comfortable with.  It is important that you maintain discipline in your wagers and do not change your unit value until your roll is double your initial investment.  This is very important…you will get the urge to increase your unit values when things are going well, we discourage this as what you have built from a bankroll standpoint for months can be wiped in 1 or 2 spontaneous undisciplined wagers. End of the day, if you’re consistent / disciplined with your wagers you will post a profit.

We recommend a 1 year membership however should you want to try it for a week, a month or 6 months, we have those options as well.

We look forward to having you on-board.

Good Luck and enjoy the picks!

Service Team