FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions)

Q: Why do you publish your records online?

A: We are a full transparency service with nothing to hide. We publish all our records whether good or bad. We are confident in our service and back an annual membership and special limited time offers with profit guarantee, we haven’t had a single losing rolling 52 week record.

Q: What are units?

A: Units is a guideline in 2 ways;
1. To measure how strongly we feel about a release
2. help manage bankroll…which is key to our system.
For members starting out we recommend you set a unit value of $10. Therefore when we release an 8 unit play (our strongest rated play) on a game with -110 odds then you will wager $88 to win $80.

Q: I don’t follow every single sport can I purchase a single sport?

A: We work to offer the greatest value in our membership plans. We release sports picks on NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAF and NCAAB and our system is based on following all releases. At this time we do not offer individual sports but rather full access to all sports!

Q: Do you offer promotions?

A: Yes, we do have promotions from time to time on the website under the promotions page.

Q: Can you provide me with an example of what may be released and how I would play those picks?

A: Absolutely! Say we release +120 odds and we say that you should wager 4 units that would mean you would wager the units or $40 to win $48 (assuming your units are worth $10 each). If we release a pick with negative odds you would wager to win the units. For example the same 4 unit play at -120 odds would mean you’re wagering $48 to win $40. Here is an example of what our members would receive in a given night.

– Toronto 8U -110
– Montreal 2U +130
– NY Rangers & LA Under 5 4U -105

Therefore, for the first Toronto play you would wager $88 to win $80.

Q: What is the next step after receiving the tips provided? What if the betting site has different odd info?

A: Once you receive the picks you may leverage it with an online sportsbook, or perhaps you’re at a Casino, wagering with your personal bookie, or perhaps you want the winners so you can brag at a party whatever the reason feel good about Big AL’s picks. If the odds are significantly different then what’s released we advise you don’t wager, generally if you’re taking action on the picks when released you will receive exact odds.

Q: Where do you get your odds from?

A: We release all our odds from Pinnacle Sports.