Results – 2/5/2017

Members went 3-3 yesterday and gained +3.36 units. We’re down -93.44 units this year but we’ve spent a lot of time last week re-looking at our systems. The results are paying off as we’ve gained back +63.50 units in 7 days. We’re extending our 50% off package for the entire month of February. We’ll have SUPERBOWL Quarter, Half and Game picks as well as 2nd Half and prop picks. LAST Year we went 6-2 with our SUPERBOWL picks and gained +7.78 units.

Be sure to join and enter code 50 at check to receive 50% off!

2017 Member Picks: 136-151-5 -93.44 units

2016 Member Picks: 1,704-1,625-136 -400.85 units

2015 Member Picks from Nov 09 to Dec 31.. 295-258-6 +21.06

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