Results – 10/21/2016

Our outstanding run this month continues as members go 6-2-1 yesterday picking up +17.24 units. We are now up +92.48 units for the month of October with eight days remaining. We explain all about units on our website or you may email us at for more information. Basic theory is that 92 units for a $100 bettor is up $9,200 and a $10 better is up $920.

Purchase a 1 week membership and we’ll give you a week free! If you don’t profit we’ll give you an extra month! Enter promo code letsdothis at checkout. JOIN TODAY!

2016 Member Picks: 1,273-1,234-102 -343.51 units

2015 Member Picks from Nov 09 to Dec 31.. 295-258-6 +21.06

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